Our products are rated among the best in Namibia and are delivered fresh on a daily basis. All products are harvested to ensure the maximum shelve life.


We only buy our seeds and seedlings from the most reputable suppliers in Namibia and South Africa


Our products are preferred by most major retail outlets and carry our full guarantee of freshness and quality.


At Namfo, we stay in touch with the newest and latest advances in Technology to ensure the most cost-efficient planting and harvesting methods.

About Us

Namfo (Pty) Ltd was established in 2003. The first of approximately 40 hectares of orchards were planted in 1999. Orange trees of the Valentia (51%) and Navel (38%) variety make up the bulk of these orchards. The remainder consists of Tangelos (1%), Tangerines (7%) and Mangos (3%).

Another 50 hectares of farmland is currently under irrigation, producing a variety of export quality vegetables. Such include tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, sweetcorn, greenpeppers, greenbeans, carrots, pumpkins, butternuts, squash, watermelons and onions.

Sustained production is ensured through a scientific method of rotational cropping and organic fertilization. Minimal pesticides are applied to preserve the freshness of the produce.

Namfo plays a vital role in reducing Namibia's dependence on imports from mainly South Africa. Quality and prices compare very favourable to the South African markets, which are constantly monitored to ensure competitiveness.

As one of the largest employers of manual labour in the area, Namfo contributes greatly to the prosperity of the people living in and around Tsumeb. Considerable effort is focussed on providing a safe and pleasant working environment.

Featured products

Namfo only produces export quality vegetables and fruits throughout the year. We adhere to strict crop rotation guidelines and use wherever possible only natural fertilizer.